Beware Of Fake Artist Card

Updated: Nov 11

Google is the go-to place for most of us when we want to search for customer care coordinates of a bank or merchant to register a complaint. Fraudsters are taking note and using this habit to siphon money off gullible consumers.

In a sophisticated phishing scam gaining ground on the internet, scamsters are meddling with the artist card of reputed companies and government association on platforms such as Twitter, Google and Facebook to misdirect consumers into calling them.

Scammers give you an offer of artist card at 1500 rupees or 2000 rupees for fake artist card in the name of genuine artist card, but it can create problem for you further.

This is done in several ways. The most commonly practised method is where conman modify customer care coordinates of a company on Google and use SEO to push their fake number at the top of the search results. As a consumer goes looking for a service provider’s customer care coordinates on Google, they fall for the trap by dialling the first number from the search results.

Filmcity provides you a genuine artist card for rupees 3000, which is associate with Filmcity Cine TV Artist & Workers Sangh which is applicable for all

Applicable For

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