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Online Filmcity Cine T.V. Artist Card Benefits

1. Of Course, The First And Most Important Advantage Of An Artist Card Is That It Creates Unity Among

The Members And Helps Them To Create An Extended Family.

2. The Motive Of Artist Card Association Is:-

A. Resolving The Problems/Issues Amongst Artists And Producers Based On Their Shoots Assignments Mutually Agreed Upon.

B. If Pending, Recovering Their Rightful Dues From The Producers.

C. Watchover The Rights Of Its Member’s Videlicet. Reappearance And Dubbing Etc.

D. Always Keeping A Stand Against Professional Exploitation Of Its Members.

Old Rule – (In Relation To Film / Tv Serial,

Professional Disputes Of Any Member Against The Producer Will Be Considered By The Association

Only After The Completion Of 6 Months From The Date Of Grant Of Membership By The Association.

Any Dispute Case Against Any Producer Notwithstanding The Membership Of The Association,

The Matters Of Controversy Over Three Years Will Be Entertained. However, The Discretion Shall Rest With The Executive Committee.

New Rule: –

( Professional Disputes Of Members Against Any Producer In Respect Of Film/Tv Serial Will Be Considered By The Association

From Day One From The Date Of Grant Of Work Permit Of The Association;

However Disputes Prior To Issue Of Work Permit Will Not Be Entertained. Also,

Even After The Grant Of Work-Permit Or Regular Membership,

Disputes Which Are More Than Three Years Old Will Not Be Entertained.

However, The Discretion Shall Rest With The Executive Committee ).

3. Compensation On The Death Of The Member.

In Case Of Inappropriate Accidental Death Of The Member On Shoot Location Set – Rs 1 Lacs.
Natural Death Of The Member Rs. 65,000/- To The Nominee, Provided He Has Completed Minimum Period Of 5 Years Of Membership On Or Prior To The Date Of Demise
Partial Or Permanent Disability Due To Accident On Set & Loss Of Any Part Of The Body – Rs. 65,000/-

Compensation In Case Of A & B Above Will Only Be Given To The Nominee Of The Deceased On Submission Of The

(I) Application;

(Ii) Death Certificate Of The Member;

(Iii) Affidavit Containing The Names, Ages,

Occupation & Addresses Of All The Legal Heirs Of The Deceased Member

(Iv) Indemnity From The Nominee On Rs.100 Stamp Paper Stating That The Claim Paid To The Nominee Shall Be Disbursed By Him To The Legal Heirs Of The Deceased Member And All Such Liability Shall Solely Rest Upon Nominee & Film City Shall Not Be Responsible In This Regard

(V) A Letter From Nominee Addressed To Film-City As Per The Draft Available From The Office And Documents Showing The Identity Of The ‘Nominee’. In The Absence Of Nominee On The Record Of Film City, The Claim Shall Be Paid To The Spouse Of The Deceased, If Any.

Only A Member, Who Has No Outstanding Dues To The Association On The Date Of The Unfortunate Event Or/And Was Not Given Any Kind Of Monthly Help In The Form Of ‘Relief’/ Financial Help/Medical Assistance During His/Her Life By Filmcity And Or Cine Artiste Welfare Trust, Will Be Eligible For Compensation Under The Above Clause 3 –A,B & C.

Above Compensation Will Be Paid To The Nominee Member/Or Family Member Of The Deceased Only. The Aforesaid Benefits Will Not Be Available To The Members Who Do Not Pay Their Subscription On Time.

Amount Of Aforesaid Compensation May Be Reviewed From Time To Time By The Executive Committee.

Members Of Filmcity Depending Upon The Corresponding Financial Strength Of Filmcity.

4. Members Who Have Crossed The Age Of 65 Years And Remain Member Of The Association Continuously

For A Period Of 15 Years Are Exempted From The Payment Of Monthly Subscription Of The Association.

5. Membership Card Is A Documentary Proof Of Being A Bonafide Member Of A Registered Trade Union Body,

Proof Of Member’s Identity And Can Be Useful In Securing Passport And Visas.

6. Artist Card Membership Helps In Establishing Identification During The Times Of Law And Order Situations.

7. Membership Establishes Profession And Duration But Does Not Provide Or Assures Or Guarantees Any Work In Tv / Films To The Members.

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